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Kung Hei Fat Choy! It’s the Year of the Rabbit! Mom and I were going to celebrate Chinese New Year in Portland, but we got snowed in. The year of the rabbit is so far very white. A white rabbit in a snowstorm might seem invisible, but I bet the rabbit likes it. We made dumplings and they weren’t bad for a change. Mom gave me a red packet full of laisee. That’s lucky money. I got 22 dollars so now I will buy more books!

My Chinese sign is the snake. I kind of wish I were a dragon but at least snakes are supposed to be very smart.

Mom and I went to the Multicultural Book Fair! It was at the Chinese Weekend School, the one I wish I could go to except it’s over three hours from our house (and mostly I need to see Dad and Beatrice Strawberry and Richard on the weekends). But it was really great. They had non-disaster dumplings, and book-making with fancy paper, and lots of books to buy. (I didn’t find any on Uzbekistan, but that’s okay, I got three great other ones).

There was an artist who drew pictures of all the kids in sumi ink, which is Japanese, but my mom says it’s kind of like India ink. The artist drew me, too! I wasn’t very nervous even though I didn’t know any of the other kids. A lot of them go to the weekend school.  I talked to Maia. She is really nice and she lives in Cape Elizabeth. She goes to that school every weekend. I wish I could, too.

In November, my mom and I are going to a Multicultural Book Fair in Portland. This sounds great to me, since I love Portland and I love books. I don’t know much about multicultural yet. Mrs. O says all cultures are interesting and she should know. She’s been a lot of places even though she lives in tiny Wolfgang, Maine. When we go, I hope I meet someone from Uzbekistan. (I’m sort of obsessed with Uzbekistan. I just like the way it sounds!)

Some Old Games Never Get Corny

I have a birth mom but I don’t know her. She’s like a flower whose seed blew away in the wind, and it grew. That seed is me. But my Mommy Mom, she’s like the sun and the rain. That’s what we used to play, when I was little. And it’s true. Without her, I really wouldn’t be me, even though she’s not my birth mom. It’s confusing but it isn’t. My birth mom is probably too far away for me to ever know. But it’s okay. I have my MOM, right here. And she has me.

My name is India McAllister and these are my true, random, sort of secret thoughts.

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