MY HOUSE is in Wolfgang, Maine, where I have lived all of my life except for being born in China. Sometime long ago, this used to be a big glamorous house. Now, it’s filled with my mom’s paintings, my books, and all the slippers Tofu steals and chews up.  It’s fine with me that it’s not glamorous anymore. Who would want to wear fancy dresses just to eat dinner, even if there is a chandelier?

MY DAD’S HOUSE is my house, too, but I only live there sometimes. It’s like I’m a special visitor who has her own bed. Dad and Richard lives in a condo called The Pines in a place called Ottenbury. A great thing about Dad’s house is…Bird! She sings up sunshine and makes us all laugh with her crazy antics.

MY FRIENDS are the ones I count on the most, even if they are a dog, an old lady, and a guy. A friend doesn’t have to be like me, a friend just has to like me.  Waggy tails, fresh cookies, and goofy ideas are good, but mostly it’s about understanding each other. And we do!

SCHOOL is one of my favorite places, thanks to Mr. Argentoth. Colby, my best friend, and Amanda, my worst enemy, are both in my class, since we only have one fourth grade in Wolfgang. (Who would put The Rodent in a frame? Maybe her grandmother?)