Since it’s December, it’s really dark out, even at 4:30. Afternoon has become night. It’s okay, since I like stars.  My mom says that some city kids have never seen stars. Poor them! I like stars because they twinkle AND they make me think. It takes a long time for light to travel through space even at the speed of light. So, looking up is like looking back in time. Even black spots where there seems to be nothing start to blossom with stars. If you stare, more stars appear! Nothing is nothing!

Colby and I took Tofu out for a walk yesterday and it was really dark. The emptiness was all full of stars. We started talking about Nothing and how Nothing matters and how there is no Nothing and pretty soon Nothing made sense. Nothing makes my brain itch. It’s a good thing I know Colby – he likes arguing about Nothing, too!