Wolfgang is the perfect place for Halloween. It’s full of trees and wind. This year, I am a wolf…in sheep’s clothing. I made the tail out of a coat hanger and the ears out of felt. Otherwise, it’s mostly a black leotard and tights, and the sheep’s skin my aunt gave me when I was a baby. It was a lot easier to make than last year’s spider costume, when I had to stuff four pairs of black tights with newspaper and it came out kind of like eight lumpy legs. I’m going trick-or-treating with Colby and his sisters and maybe some other people, too. Colby is always always a baseball player, but with some kind of twist. This year, he’s going as a vampire baseball player.I’ll bet Amanda the Rodent will be a rockstar again. She likes glittery costumes. So does Colby’s sister Celia. She’s going to be Lady Gaga, even though she’s only 8. People might think I’m a devil, because of my pointy ears, but I’ll just tell them. A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing means someone bad, pretending to be good. Trick or Treat!